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comment to be added, cocksucking bitches. [31 Dec 2010|12:00am]
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[12 Jun 2006|06:39pm]
so i got a car...Collapse )
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woo for the fair and fuck huntington bank [08 Aug 2004|01:18pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

josie and i are going to the fair today...too bad clay aiken isn't playing tonight. i'm so totally bummed...ahahaha

but anyway, i haven't been to the fair in years...i hope it's still fun. and huntington screwed us over with fees that came out of deep left field (left center, maybe)...fuck that bank.

eric, do we have to come to your tree to open a US bank account? if there's any way you can open the account without us being there, let us know.

work is alright; there's just a lot of drama. in construction/HVAC, of all things.

if you care to know what transpired on the hell that was Friday, then ask. actually, i might not tell a lot of people because the story is too long and i have ADD...

anyway, i'm out.

i'm officially a "fairgoer"...ahaha

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woo for this song [07 Jul 2004|04:14am]
[ mood | amused ]

"Ben Wah Balls" - blink-182

Passively one day as the sun rose out of it's house
so did this little old guy as he whistled out of his mouth
and happily and gay
well I guessed exactly that
because he found a special girl
that put him in a special trance

He fell in love so quickly
what the hell was he to expect
that the girl under his arm wasn't the same
as any other girl
that he had thought that he once met
I guess you could only blame fate

Things started getting weird as they started to kiss
she often felt his beard and remembered how her father she missed
and then quietly one day
he sang a song from deep within his heart
causing some ingestion
he finished with a great big fart and

She knew at that one moment
that song was something she heard before
so she asked him to do that again

Then out the door they hurried
she was gonna find out for sure
so she analyzed his rear end

She said, "when I was a little girl my dad left my mom
he used to always fart and sing this special song
now I wasn't quite so sure until your pants did fall
'cause now I know that your my dad because you use ben wah balls"

I said a wah, wah, wah-wah-wah,
wah, wah-wah-wah, wah, ben wah balls
wah, wah-wah-wah,
wah, wah-wah-wah, wah

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[07 Jul 2004|12:21am]
[ mood | giddy ]


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fucking hilarious [01 Jun 2004|09:18am]
[ mood | amused ]

this is a supplemental update, but I just came back from the break room, and someone had a picture of janet reno as their background...ahahahaha

they probably wrote her love letters...hahaha

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Oprah needs to DIE!!!!! [07 Apr 2004|05:44am]
[ mood | appalled ]

If this doesn't offend you, then you're an idiot. Even if you DON'T like Howard Stern, it could happen to something you DO like.



Sign the StopFCC petition if you really want to have some sort of free speech in this fucked up country.
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History in the making? No longer... [05 Apr 2004|02:46am]

Rick Nash tied for the NHL lead in goals this season and will earn a share of the Rocket Richard Trophy (above).
Rick Nash is the youngest player in the history of the NHL to lead the league in goals. The 19-year old scored 41 goals this season to tie Atlanta's Ilya Kovalchuk and Calgary's Jarome Iginla. The three players will split the Rocket Richard Trophy. This is the eighth time there has been a tie for the NHL goal scoring title and just the second time league history that three players have shared the honors (1979-80; Danny Gare, Charlie Simmer, Blaine Stoughton - 56).

The first overall selection in the 2003 Entry Draft, Nash reached several milestones this season including:

A spot in the NHL All-Star Game, the first teenager to play in the mid-season classic since Owen Nolan and Jaromir Jagr in 1992 and the youngest All-Star Game participant since Wendel Clark in 1986.

The youngest player to ever lead the league in goals (19), edging Ilya Kovalchuk (20, 2003-04), Wayne Gretzky (21, 1981-82), Bobby Hull (21, 1959-60), and Charlie Conacher (21, 1930-31).

A team-record for goals in a season, eclipsing the former mark of 34 set by Geoff Sanderson in 2003-04.

The seventh teenager in league history to net 40 goals in a season and the first since Jimmy Carson in 1987-88.

58 career goals prior to his 20th Birthday, the eighth highest total in league history.

Scored 22.0% of Columbus's goals this season, tops in the league. Iginla (20.5%) was the only other player to score more than 20.0% of his team's goals in 2003-04.
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update time [24 Feb 2004|02:34am]
[ mood | geeky ]

Eight days until I see Josie...I'm so excited and I can't wait to get out of Ohio for a bit. Josie said we can go to Disneyland so that sounds awesome...i'm way stoked. I can't wait to get back and start my life with her...<3

I get a new bed Wednesday. Thank whatever deity is out there...The whole "twin mattress on the floor" experiment failed miserably. I might as well be sleeping on a cot...

I finally got new strings for my guitars and they sound better than ever...It's sad when you can't afford $12 worth of strings, but that will no longer happen. I love my acoustic; it sounds so awesome. I just wish it could get a more trebley sound (if anyone knows what i mean)...

My brother went to visit his fiance in Athens and he got a speeding ticket on the way down...Even I haven't gotten a speeding ticket. *knocks on desk* We might be going to the Jackets/Blackhawks game on Wednesday...who knows?

I love you, Josie. <3

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wahoo i'm liberal! [18 Feb 2004|09:43pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Where do you fall on the liberal - conservative political spectrum? (United States)

brought to you by Quizilla

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All I have, all I know...I change the station and our song is on the radio... [16 Feb 2004|03:32am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Before someone bitches about the lineup in the picture, I thought it was a cool picture.

That said, I must say that it sucked Fenix broke up. They're probably my second favorite band, behind blink. I remember seeing them in November 2001, when the Newport sold only 104 tickets to the show (capacity is 1200). I didn't know they'd break up soon after that.

I remember taking lots of pictures, Will giving beer to the legal people, the food fight, the requests, meeting them after. It was an amazing show.

I wish I could've seen them more than once, but the effect that one show had was that amazing.

Why can't other bands be like them?

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Why was I such a dork as a kid? [15 Feb 2004|11:07pm]
Like anything's changed anyway...

My mom cleaned out the basement today. A little while ago, she showed me some of the stuff she found:

All my geeky Star Trek stuff, including the ENCYCLOPEDIA (what the hell was I thinking?)

Some kind of poem book with drawings describing each one from when I was in second grade. My favorite drawing was of the guy sleeping with a BOMB under his bed.

I'll spare you the rest. I need to go through a lot of my stuff and see what I can get rid of (AND WHAT NEEDS TO BE FUCKING BURIED *AHEM STAR TREK STUFF*).

Good times.
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This job search sucks. [04 Feb 2004|04:54pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Gah. I fucking hate WordPerfect.

I tried to makeover my resume and make it look extra spiffy. Well, the first time I went to print it, the printer wouldn't work. Grr. The next time it only printed my name. Then it printed and the alignment was off.

Jesus Tap-dancing Christ.

After restarting about a million times and numerous saves, I finally got it the way I wanted (and I practically wasted a forest and a half full of paper and almost ripped out my hair).

Someone fucking shoot me, please.

On a better note, I finally saw the video for "I Miss You". I like it a lot.

That's my time. Enjoy Loverboy.

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Friends Only [28 Jan 2004|12:49am]
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WOO [21 Dec 2003|09:39pm]
[ mood | relieved ]


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Merry fucking Christmas! [16 Dec 2003|06:11pm]
[ mood | filled with holiday cheer ]

My LiveJournal 12 Days
My True Love gave to me...
12 _neverseenblue_s a-chuckling.
11 battgirls a-kissing.
10 bluejacketss a-commenting.
9 flashboi24s a-grinning.
8 hamster_chibbis a-glaring.
7 homestar_runners a-ranting.
6 ipeebatteryacids a-massaging.
5 red-orange jdawg1979s.
4 writing kleslacbj44s.
3 Norwegian kpavuks.
2 cow tidyedsunriselzs.
And a venus_boy_love in a kiwi tree.
Get gifts! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.
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turkey day is a very dangerous day... [28 Nov 2003|02:18am]
[ mood | full ]

I miss Rocko's Modern Life. I don't even remember if he said that, but it was probably on the show.

Anyway, today was pretty boring. My sister cooked like Emeril Lagasse on meth. It was so bad we had to cook the turkey at our house then bring it over so she could use her oven. But the food was really good. I didn't eat breakfast so I figured I could eat a lot.

I got full on one plate. Bleh.

Then the tryptophan got me and I went practically comatose. The funniest thing was when Shawn and I did the wishbone. He got the bigger piece so I asked him what he wished for. He said, "That I'd win."

Funny shit.

So anyway, I came home and passed out in bed as the tryptophan (I love that word for some reason) took its hold on me. I was out for a few hours then I came online.

And here I am.

Eventful day, no?

And Ticketmaster's system can kiss my ass. I want Blue Jackets tickets, dammit!

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[19 Nov 2003|02:23am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

I love the new album. Especially "All Of This" with Robert Smith...

Hello there, the angel from my nightmare
the shadow in the background of the morgue
the unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley
we can live like Jack and Sally if we want
where you can always find me
we'll have Halloween on Christmas
and in the night we'll wish this never ends
we'll wish this never ends

(I miss you, miss you)
(I miss you, miss you)

Where are you and I'm so sorry
I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight
I need somebody and always
this sick strange darkness
comes creeping on so haunting every time
and as I stared I counted
webs from all the spiders
catching things and eating their insides
like indecision to call you
and hear your voice of treason
will you come home and stop this pain tonight
stop this pain tonight

Don't waste your time on me you're already
the voice inside my head (I miss you, miss you)
don't waste your time on me you're already
the voice inside my head (I miss you, miss you)

Don't waste your time on me you're already
the voice inside my head (I miss you, miss you)
don't waste your time on me you're already
the voice inside my head (I miss you, miss you)

Don't waste your time on me you're already
the voice inside my head (I miss you, miss you)
don't waste your time on me you're already
the voice inside my head (I miss you, miss you)

(I miss you, miss you)
(I miss you, miss you)
(I miss you, miss you)
(I miss you, miss you)

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The entry some of you have been waiting for... [15 Nov 2003|08:47am]
Hi. I saw Blink. For a dollar.Collapse )
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It all started when I decided to drink thirty-two glasses of melonade.... [05 Nov 2003|01:42pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Hopefully some of you know what that's from...

I started my job at Kohl's...it's not as bad as I thought it would be. There was a sale the next day, so I had to put those little signs over the clothes to show what was on sale...But doing it for 8 hours gets old. But hey, it's money.

I'm tired as fuck though. I've had to go to the doctor AND the dentist. I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled a week from Friday. I would do it this Friday, but I don't want it to interfere with the Blink concert. Yes, I know it's on a Wednesday, but I don't want to be in a pit when my mouth is all fucked up.

Braden (my nephew/sister's son, if you didn't know) is growing so fast. He's just over a year old...I was at my sister's on Monday night before I went to work. He's starting to talk now and he runs around like a fiend. It's too funny. While I was over there, I got Shawn to watch some Homestar cartoons...We went to the H*R store and he ordered me a Homestar shirt for Christmas...woohoo!

Oh, and just to comment: The Blue Jackets are in a mad losing streak (0-6-0-1). All I can say is: "shit."

At least there is a silver lining. Blink. Detroit. A week from today. Stoked? You better believe it.

Well, maybe this wasn't a big update, but my life is pretty boring. I have to work tonight so I'm going to sleep.

Sleep is good. And so is money.


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